Bring innovation to your company


Welcome to Städago! Städago is a new system that is going to help you drive your company. Our focus is on innovation and making it easy for you to manage and control both your employees and clients.

desktop computer

Mobile application


We have created a mobile application so that your employees can easily match their work to customer’s requirements. With our mobile application it is easy to see special requirements that each client has. Thanks to our rating system, your client can with a few clicks get back to you with a feedback on his latest cleaning.

Logging for employees

By logging in and out of Cleaning you get the information on how long did the cleaning took. At the end of the month you have a full picture of worked hours.

Calendar features

All schedules are in one place where you can easily edit them and your employees get all the changes in real time.


From now on you can stay in touch with your employees by using our Messages system. It is free and ready to use!

Rate your services

Getting feedback has never been so easy. With just a few clicks you will see rating of your services together with some clear statistics.

Keep your clients closer

Having mobile app for your clients makes it easy for them to get back with feedback. Our rating system gives them possibility to say whether they were happy with your services.

Powerful analytics

Artificial intelligence system will deliver most valuable statistics allowing taking smarter moves in order to develop your company.

Main features


Our system is divided in 2 main panels. There is a panel for administrators, managers and manpower. Each of these panels is carefully planned to make the most of your time and data.

System in the cloud

You don't need to install anything on your computer. You will always have access to your system wherever you will be. Browser is all you need.

Invoicing system

Thanks to our logging system, sending invoices has never been so easy. All services and hours are added automatically. All you need to do is to confirm invoice.


All schedules are in one place where you can easily edit them and your employees get all the changes in real time.

Keys management

Organise all your clients keys at one place, track history of each key. You will always know who was the last one to have the key.

Mailing system

Sending 200 good looking emails was a problem? We prepared tool for creating and sending thousands of emails. You will even get statistics on how many people actually opened your newsletter or email.

Daily backup

We know how it hurts when you loose your data and can’t get it back... Advanced backup system is taking care of all the backups so that you will never need to worry about that again.

Employees monitoring

You will be able to see whether your employees are on the right address without having to drive through the whole city. If they are lost you can help them find their way by just looking at their location.

Employees admin panel

Just in case we prepared separated web page for employees if they prefer to manage their account from desktop computer or laptop.

Employees mobile app

Everything for your employees in one place. They can log their worked hours, ask for holiday and check customer’s needs in our mobile app.

Managers system

Managers get the powerful features to manage your company and your employees. In Städago you will find all you need to increase their productivity.

Live map view

In live map view you will see all your employees, managers and clients. The cool thing is that you will be able to see a location of your employees!

Logging hours system

From no on you will exactly know how many hours or even minutes your employees has worked at each location.

Skatteverket friendly

Working with RUT? System will calculate all hours and create Skatteverket file for your. We will also track how many RUT has your client left.

Leave management

Your employees will be able to ask for their holidays right from you their mobile app. You will have all history at one place.

Live chat system

From now on you can stay in touch with your employees by using our Messages system. It is free and ready to use!

Everything in one place


You don’t have to install any programs on your computer. Right now you can access your data from any pc, laptop, tablet or phone as long as it is connected to the Internet. Daily backups and backups of backups guarantee that you can safely transfer sensitive data to our system without worrying about it ever being lost.

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Logged hours

Available to download from AppStore and GooglePlay

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