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Questions and answers

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of coruse! You can do that easily going to your account settings and cancel your subscription there. Your account will remain active for period you paid in case if you would changed your mind, you will keep all your data until then.

My payments information are safe?

Yes! You card information will go straight to bank provider, we are not storing any sensitive information about your card on our servers. Because of that you can be sure of safety which our system delivers to our cystomers.

Can I get invoice for Städago subscription?

Yes! Every month, after settlement period new invoice will appear in the system that you could easily download it or print it if you prefer.

Will you add more features in the future?

Of course! For willing clients who would like to be up to date with our new features, we will inform them through our newsletter. Additionally each suggestion from our clients will be consider to implement into our system.